Beautiful Hand Forged Swords

Some people just do things right, and at certain times something like a sword, a necessary tool for a long period of human history can be transformed into art. David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge is not just a blacksmith, he is an artist.

Well he actually is and artist, but his swords are art as well, realistically in todays day and age a sword is pretty useless, you could train for years to become good with it and there are probably very few people who could teach you now, then a 10 year old with a .38 can take you out in seconds. But just holing some of these swords would spark your imagination and for a moment you would be a Knight or villain.

awesome sword

battle ready sword

beautiful sword

Cedarlore forge

Elf Sword

hand forged sword

long sword

real sword

Roman Sword


Viking Sword

wyrms sword

I have done a bit of searching and it looks like David’s swords sell for something like $2,500, and realistically if you think of the amount of work that goes into making a completely hand forged sword the old fashion way, that is dirt cheap. I also saw a post on one forum where he was even making his own steal. Now thats impressive.

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