Pictures Inside a Walmart China, #4 is mind blowing!

After seeing these pictures of Walmart China I realized I need to pay more attention to just how truly different things are. Living in Asia for so long now I tend to just see this a normal and forget that others find it pretty amazing. So lets look at some of the things you can get in a Walmart store in China that they definitely don’t carry back home.

Assorted Reptile Parts Anyone – Walmart China?

assorded reptile parts

Boxes of Booze

I haven’t tried many of them but I absolutely love the bottles!

boxed booze

Bulk Rice, Allot of Rice!

bulk rice

Yes whole frozen crocodiles!

With a pumpkin maybe in their mouths, I wonder if they are like some frogs that can thaw out and come back to life, that could be a little surprising in your kitchen.

frozen crocodile

The Pork Isle

I generally get the guy behind the counter to bag it for me, don’t want raw pork juice on my hands while I do the rest of my shopping.

meat isle

Bundled Corn Oil and Orange Juice anyone?

So is it buy the oil and get the juice free, or buy the juice and get the oil free?

oil and orange juice

A lot of Ribs

The BBQ Pit Boys would be in love with that pile of pork products.

pork ribs

Live Frogs and Turtles

This is definitely not the pet isle.

turtle frog soup

A lot more frogs!

Wonder if anyone has thought of tipping the bin over?

Live frogs supermarket

Walmart Branded Liquor

walmart branded liquor


So things are different over hear, you do get use to it but you can never stop thinking that some things are just weird, even after years and it has sort of become just normal!

Don’t forget to share and I might get pictures inside a local food market for you, if you think this is bad wait to you see the open air market with meat etc.



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